Accident involving big rig, two other vehicles, leaves one dead

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Driver and passenger safety is always a major concern on American roadways. With winter weather continually bombarding many areas throughout the country, millions of American drivers are dealing with dangerous roads every day, just trying to get back-and-forth from work. Drivers are held to high standards and the vast majority of drivers comply, but commercial vehicle operators are held to even higher standards of responsibility. 18 wheelers, in particular, are a big concern. That is why when a big rig is involved in an accident, there will be intense scrutiny.

After an unfortunate accident in California on January 30, the ensuing investigation led to the arrest of one of the drivers involved. According to the reports, a man driving a semi-truck struck two vehicles, a SUV and a small Ford. The occupants of the SUV reportedly suffered minor injuries. The driver of the Ford, on the other hand, died in the accident.

What made matters worse was that the semi-truck driver did not stop after the accident, as everyone involved in an accident is required by law to do. When the driver was eventually stopped by someone who had witnessed the accident, he denied being involved. He then fled on foot when the witness began to dial 911.

The semi-truck driver was eventually located and arrested. Now, he will not only be facing criminal charges, but he may also face a civil lawsuit. And, when a driver is operating a company vehicle, the company who employed the driver can be sued for damages as well. At this point, however, it is unclear if the company that owned the truck will have any liability. Further details from the investigation will be needed to make that determination.

Source: ABC 7, "Semi-truck driver arrested for fatal Fontana hit-and-run," Jan. 30, 2014

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