2 San Bruno sisters killed in crash on the day after Thanksgiving

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With the beginning of the holiday season, traffic will undoubtedly increase with people traveling to visit family and running holiday-related errands. The day after Thanksgiving, often called Black Friday, marks the beginning of holiday shopping, which can be a fun family activity. However, as any San Jose car accident attorney knows, a serious car accident is always a risk on high-traffic days.

A San Bruno family is mourning the death of two sisters in a Black Friday car crash. The SUV in which the girls were riding crashed into a California Highway Patrol vehicle that was pulled ov er on the shoulder, then rolled over several times. The two sisters who were killed were thrown from the vehicle. The rest of the vehicle's occupants, the parents and two other sisters, became accident victims as well, and are still receiving treatment in local hospitals. Authorities state that it is unclear what caused the SUV to hit the highway patrol vehicle, but that they do not suspect that drugs or alcohol were involved. The family had been on their way home from shopping in Gilroy when the accident happened.

Drivers must exercise reasonable care when driving otherwise they may be deemed negligent, and thus potentially liable for injuries caused to others. A determination that a driver was acting negligently involves consideration of several factors, including whether the driver obeyed traffic signals, whether the driver was speeding and whether the driver acted appropriately for the weather or amount of traffic.

During this time of year, with sometimes unpredictable or bad weather, and with increased holiday traffic, drivers should take extra caution on the road. Building in extra travel time to account for traffic or weather delays may eliminate the temptation to drive above the speed limit, and potentially avoid getting into a serious car accident.

Source:, "Surviving Family Members of Horrific Black Friday Crash Remain Hospitalized," Bay City News Service and Rachel Stern, Nov. 28, 2012

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