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San Jose Highway 17 accident lawyerHighway 17 between San Jose and Santa Cruz has been a consistently dangerous stretch of road for decades. The “Safe on 17” commission of the late ‘90s led to a temporary decline in the number of car accidents, but over the last few years, crashes have once again been on the rise. For example, in 2019, Highway 17 was the site of 521 accidents from just January to the middle of March, an increase of 30 crashes from that same time period the year before. To help keep yourself safe, it is important to be aware of why accidents are so common on this road, and what you can do if you are injured in a crash.

Risk Factors on Highway 17

Area law enforcement notes several factors that contribute to accidents on Highway 17. These include:

  • Heavy traffic: More than 60,000 vehicles travel Highway 17 each day, and the simple fact of this many drivers in close proximity to each other increases the risk of accidents.


San Jose personal injury attorneyAmerica is full of busy people. There are workers rushing to their jobs, and parents shuffling their children off to school and soccer practice. Then there are those who are running late to a doctor’s appointment, or in a hurry to get to the airport. Unfortunately, all that hustle and bustle means that some drivers are going faster than they should. That can increase their risk of causing an accident, and may also lead to more serious injuries for victims. If one has happened to you or someone you love, know your rights, including your right to pursue full and fair compensation.

Respect for Speed Limits is Deteriorating

While most people do recognize that speed limits are the law and not a suggestion, researchers suggest there is an erosion of respect for those laws. In fact, a 2002 study found that one-third of drivers admitted to regularly driving at least 10 miles an hour faster than other road users. These were all self-reported incidents, which suggests the numbers could be much higher.

In a more recent study, researchers from Purdue asked 988 drives a single question: at what point did they feel like speeding became a personal threat to them or their family. They were given three options to choose from: 5, 10, and 15 miles per hour over the speed limit. Nearly half (43 percent) said they felt safe driving up to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. Another 36 percent asserted that safety did not become a concern until they exceeded 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.


A motorist is dead and a 40-year-old semi-trailer driver is facing charges following a two-vehicle accident shortly after midnight in Ontario on Sept. 11. According to a report, the fatal crash was believed to have been caused by intoxicated driving.

According to police, the motorist died from injuries sustained after a man operating a semi-truck suddenly swerved and drove into the path of his sedan. Instead of stopping to help the victim, the truck driver allegedly continued eastbound on 60 Freeway where he crashed into a concrete barrier at an on-ramp. At this point, the man supposedly left his truck and walked down the highway for approximately a mile before police discovered and detained him near the Milliken Avenue on-ramp.

Although it was not reported if officers gave the man any sobriety tests, they claimed that he exhibited signs of inebriation. The accused man was taken to Rancho Cucamongo where he underwent booking procedures in the West Valley Detention Center. He has been charged with felony DUI while operating a commercial vehicle, felony hit-and-run and suspicion of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.


There are various tourist destinations within the state of California. Yosemite National Park is a classically American tourist spot, and tour bus companies run their buses to and from the site on regular basis. What might be a routine Yosemite run, however, turned into a bus accident last weekend.

Seventeen people were riding in a tour bus leaving the park last Saturday evening. Sixteen of those people wound up needing medical attention from a hospital after the bus went off of the winding road. Authorities suspect that speed was a factor in the accident, an accident that could easily have been catastrophic.

The area of and around Yosemite isn't necessarily a flat, easy drive. Roads are winding, with drops and ravines surrounding them. One wrong move could spell disaster. That is why it is crucial that a driver, particular a driver who is paid to transport tourists responsibly, abides by traffic laws on the California roadway.

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A single-car crash in Dana Point, California, has killed three U.S. Marines and critically injured the driver, who is also a Marine. The car apparently crashed into a tree. Two of the Marines died at the scene and a third died later at a hospital.

Speed was a factor in the early-morning Tuesday car accident, according to officials from the Orange County Sheriff's Department. The car was traveling on a wet road where the posted speed limit was 40 mph when the driver lost control and ran into a tree, causing the car to wrap around it. "We don't have an exact speed yet," said a spokesman for the Sheriff's Department. "We do know it was over the speed limit and certainly unsafe for the conditions."

The Marines were likely on their way back to Camp Pendleton, where they were stationed, when the crash occurred.

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