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California is the home of Internet giant Google, and for anyone who hasn't heard by now, the company has a new cutting-edge product: Google Glass. The device is basically a wearable computer, with an image displayed in front of a person's eye as they wear the device like a set of eyeglasses. The device definitely sounds futuristic and fascinating, but there's trouble brewing.

According to a recent report, Google finds itself on the defensive in a number of states, as efforts are undertaken to make wearing the device while driving illegal. The main concern appears to be the perception that the device would be too much of a distraction for drivers, resulting in more car accidents that could cause serious injuries or even fatalities.

Because the device is so new, it can be hard to judge at this time whether or not the concerns are legitimate. Of course, in this day and age there are seemingly countless distractions for drivers, from more computer-oriented radios to the ever-present cell phone. Because of this, distracted drivers are now considered to be just as much of a concern on America's roadways as drunk drivers are.


Companies and employers are often focused on the bottom line more than anything else. This means that their goal to make a profit may come at the expense of other things, such as worker safety. For construction workers, risks often arise when the workers are pressured to complete a job more quickly to meet a deadline or when safety standards are not upheld. Unfortunately, construction accidents can have serious negative effects on employees, including severe injury and permanent disability or even death.

In June of this year, a subcontractor for an elevator company was killed while working at the site of the new 49ers stadum in Santa Clara, California. His death was caused by being hit by a counterweight of a freight elevator. As a result of his death, the elevator company was recently cited by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health for three safety violations. One violation related to the lack of a injury and illness prevention program. The other two violations related to failure to enclose and guard the counterweights, which exposed employees to dangerous hazards. In total, the violations carry a fine of $54,000.

When employers fail to implement safety programs, properly train employees, ensure that the worksite is safe and properly protect against hazards, injuries and fatalities often result. Workers' compensation benefits attempt to financially protect employees who are injured on the job, but it is not always easy to obtain the compensation that is needed or deserved. In addition, sometimes workers' compensation alone is insufficient to address the egregious nature of the employer misconduct or negligence that caused the accident.

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