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When people hear the phrase "premises liability", they often think of an icy sidewalk or inadequate security. Premises liability claims can arise when someone suffers an injury due to a property owner or manager's negligence. But what constitutes negligence?

This might be a question that the parents of three high school students are wondering. Three girls were trapped in an elevator shaft in their middle school for 40 minutes. They suffered minor injuries, but the question still remains: how did this happen?

Though the incident is still under investigation, school officials believe they know what happened based on the accounts from the three girls.


Motorcycles are much smaller than many of the other vehicles that share the road. And when a motorcycle accident occurs, the damage to the bike and the injury to the rider can be great.

A California Highway Patrol officer was injured earlier this week when he got into an accident while on his motorcycle. The CHP officer had originally stopped to help with a car accident. The initial car accident did not appear to be serious; however it took some time to clear the debris from the road.

Once the crash was cleared, the driver of one of the vehicles was able to get off the road. The other car was about to drive off the same off-ramp to exit. The CHP officer rode his motorcycle ahead to help the second car also exit the freeway. Unfortunately, the driver of the second car did not see the officer approaching and turned quickly to the right, directly in the path of the motorcycle.


Drivers on the I-5 earlier this week may have noticed traffic was a little heavier than usual. A multi-car accident occurred Wednesday morning that involved three cars.

When a crash occurs the accident can affect a number of people, not just the individuals in the cars themselves. In some instances, an accident can cause a secondary accident, especially if other drivers are not watching when traffic begins to slow down.

The Wednesday morning crash in Orange County involved a police car, a fire department vehicle and another car. Details are sparse and it is unclear how the accident actually occurred. Two of the three individuals in the police car apparently suffered only minor injuries and were not brought to a hospital. The third person, the police officer, as well as the driver of the fire department vehicle were fine.

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