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Early in the morning on April 22, a Toyota Prius that was driving east in the westbound lanes of Highway 50 in Sacramento County collided head-on with a pickup truck in the westbound lane. The collision caused the truck to spin. A third vehicle collided with the truck, causing the truck to catch fire.

California Highway Patrol received a call about 2:30 in the morning that a Prius was driving the wrong way on westbound Highway 50. The Prius reportedly had been driving in the wrong lane for several miles before the head-on collision occurred.

The driver of the Prius and all three occupants of the pickup truck were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the third vehicle suffered minor injuries. Police are reportedly investigating whether there is any link between the crash and the use of alcohol or drugs.


A 44-year-old man was killed and a woman was critically injured in a two-vehicle accident near Santa Cruz on March 28. The crash occurred at approximately 2 p.m., according to the California Highway Patrol.

Authorities said a 1991 Ford F-150 pickup truck was driving northbound on Empire Grade Road north of Llama Ranch Road when it crossed the double yellow lines into southbound traffic and struck an oncoming 2001 Chevrolet van near the north entrance to the University of California at Santa Cruz.

The driver of the pickup truck, who lived in the unincorporated area of Aptos, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The driver of the van, a 20-year-old woman, suffered critical and life-threatening injuries. She was airlifted to a nearby trauma center for treatment. Authorities said the pickup truck was traveling at a high rate of speed at the time of the crash, but the van was traveling within the posted speed limit.


A head-on collision on Highway 1 near Lompoc left one man dead and another seriously hurt on March 10. The crash happened at approximately 6:30 a.m., according to the California Highway Patrol.

Authorities said a man driving to work in a Toyota Tacoma drifted over the double-yellow line and collided head-on with a Chevrolet Silverado just south of Jalama Road. The Toyota driver, a 32-year-old man from Lynwood, died at the scene. The Chevrolet driver, a 33-year-old man from Lompoc, was trapped in his vehicle following the accident. A representative of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department reported on Twitter that it took 30 minutes to free him. He was transported to Cottage Hospital with major injuries.

CHP closed the southbound lanes of Highway 1 near Jalama Road for several hours as they investigated the scene. The accident remains under investigation.


When an individual is involved in a car accident within the state of California, it is important that they perform several actions to ensure the best possible outcome. Initially, the most important step to take is to assess the situation and find out if anyone is hurt. If there are injuries involved, call 911 immediately. An individual trained in first aid techniques should provide reasonable assistance until first responders arrive on the scene. Also, if the accident occurred on a busy street, take precautions to warn approaching motorists of the potential hazard. This can involve setting flares or warning signs.

Once the injured are cared for and the situation is in hand, the next step is to gather as much information about the accident as possible. Because the DMV limits access to information after the fact, it's vitally important to get names, contact information and insurance details at the scene. Try to get brief testimonials from any witnesses to the car collision. Also, a quick diagram of the accident along with make and model descriptions of the vehicles involved will help an attorney show fault in any future related court proceedings and will ensure proper compensation for any pain and suffering.

All of this information will come in handy when seeking compensation through an insurance claim. If the other driver was negligent or at fault, their insurance will be responsible for repairing any damage to the vehicles and paying for medical expenses. In some difficult cases, a lawyer may be required to ensure proper and full compensation.


A 45-year-old Arroyo Grande woman was taken into police custody and charged with multiple offenses for her role in a fatal hit-and-run collision with a bicyclist that occurred on Oct. 2 in Nipomo, police said. The accident occurred around 11:15 a.m. on Los Berros Road when the woman allegedly rear-ended the bicyclist with her Honda Accord, causing him to suffer serious head injuries despite wearing a helmet. The 48-year-old bicyclist died from his injuries.

Following the collision, witnesses say the woman attempted to flee the scene. A witness called 911 and followed the woman's vehicle, cornering her with the help of other motorists until police could arrive. The witness told the 911 operator that the woman's vehicle had a large dent in her windshield along with significant front-end damage from striking the bicycle. After being cornered, the woman repeatedly asked to be let go, according to the witnesses.

The woman's charges include gross vehicular manslaughter, DUI and driving with a suspended license. She was booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail. At arraignment, the court set her bond at $100,000. She still remains in custody pending resolution of her case.


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According to the California Highway Patrol, three people were killed by a multi-vehicle accident that occurred in Caruthers on Aug. 28. Investigators claim the accident was caused by an Apria Healthcare truck that drove through a stop sign at the intersection of Floral and Elm. A witness at the scene told officers that the Apria truck was headed westbound on Floral when it ran the stop sign and smashed into a minivan.

Police say the initial impact spun the minivan around until it collided with a Chevrolet Avalanche, which then crashed into a Nissan Cube. Three occupants inside the minivan were killed almost instantly by the impact of the collision. The only surviving occupant from the minivan had been ejected from the vehicle during the collision. The witness said he tried to console the man until emergency crews arrived. Three occupants inside the Nissan were brought to the hospital to receive medical treatment for their injuries.

Investigators discovered beer cans on the road nearby the Chevrolet. Police are still attempting to determine if that's what compelled the only occupant inside the Avalanche to run away from the scene after the incident occurred. Police were more concerned for the welfare of the driver as blood was discovered inside the vehicle. Police spent the night searching for him. The Apria driver who caused the wreck did not suffer any injuries and was not charged with any crime. However, he could face manslaughter charges once the investigation is completed.


Authorities report that a two-vehicle accident in La Jolla around 9:30 a.m. on Aug. 21 left two adults and two children injured. Firefighters had to cut one man out of his vehicle before an ambulance could transport him to Scripps La Jolla for medical treatment. The other driver and her two children were also taken to local hospitals, where they were treated for minor injuries.

According to local police, the car accident occurred when the 44-year-old male driver lost control of his vehicle at a curve in the road and struck the female SUV driver. A witness said she observed the man running two red lights just prior to the accident. At the time of the report, police continued to investigate the crash. They believed that the man may have been driving while under the influence.

When a person is injured as a result of a car accident involving a suspected drunk driver, the injured party may face a long recovery and hefty expenses. A personal injury attorney may be able to assist an injured person by bringing a claim against the liable driver. The claim may seek compensation for brain injury, other serious injuries, pain and suffering and medical expenses.


According to San Jose police, a Mercedes traveling at high speeds caused a fiery crash during the evening hours of August 17. The crash involving eight cars left 10 individuals injured. Police arrested the male driver of the Mercedes on charges of driving drunk at the time of the accident.

The chain reaction collision occurred around 9:28 p.m. near Capitol Expressway on Ocala Avenue when a speeding eastbound Mercedes ran through the intersection's red light, broadsided a car and then smashed into several other cars as it rolled over a number of times, police said. The Mercedes driver then fled the scene after the car came to rest in the roadway's westbound lane, leaving three occupants trapped inside the burning vehicle. Police, along with rescue crews, extinguished the fire and rescued the three individuals from the car.

According to the report, a medical helicopter and seven ambulances responded to the scene and transported six of the injured individuals to local hospitals for treatment of unknown injuries. They also took the three Mercedes passengers to a hospital, where they were treated for major injuries.


Police suspect that a Tesla involved in a West Hollywood accident that injured multiple people was stolen. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the July 4 incident commenced at about 12:45 a.m., when police responded to a call from a Tesla dealership regarding a stolen car.

Police reportedly pursued the car, reaching speeds of approximately 100 miles per hour, before the Tesla collided with two vehicles on La Brea Avenue. Prior to coming to a stop, the Tesla crashed into a pole, splitting into two pieces and sparking flames that would affect at least half of the Tesla and another vehicle, authorities reported.

One of the vehicles that had been struck by the Tesla, a Honda Civic, was carrying five people at the time of the collision, one of whom suffered critical injuries as a result. Five other people involved in the event suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to area hospitals for treatment, authorities said. The driver of the Tesla was ejected from the vehicle during the incident and suffered injuries as well, reportedly.


California is the home of Internet giant Google, and for anyone who hasn't heard by now, the company has a new cutting-edge product: Google Glass. The device is basically a wearable computer, with an image displayed in front of a person's eye as they wear the device like a set of eyeglasses. The device definitely sounds futuristic and fascinating, but there's trouble brewing.

According to a recent report, Google finds itself on the defensive in a number of states, as efforts are undertaken to make wearing the device while driving illegal. The main concern appears to be the perception that the device would be too much of a distraction for drivers, resulting in more car accidents that could cause serious injuries or even fatalities.

Because the device is so new, it can be hard to judge at this time whether or not the concerns are legitimate. Of course, in this day and age there are seemingly countless distractions for drivers, from more computer-oriented radios to the ever-present cell phone. Because of this, distracted drivers are now considered to be just as much of a concern on America's roadways as drunk drivers are.


Workers in certain occupations are at a greater risk of getting injured on the job, but they accept the risk and go to work anyways. Construction accidents, in particular, are all too common in America, despite all of the efforts undertaken to make worksites safe for workers. An unfortunate example of the risky nature of construction worksites popped up in the news recently from an incident in nearby San Leandro.

According to the reports, a 48-year-old man was killed on February 13 when a piece of heavy equipment that he was repairing fell on him and crushed him. The equipment was reported to be what is known as a "front-end wheel loader," which is used to move heavy objects. Initial details of what caused this construction site accident were scarce, but there will be an OSHA investigation. Hopefully the investigation will reveal more information as to how this unfortunate accident claimed the life of the mechanic.

Any work accident victim can probably expect to deal with some major setbacks. First, if the injured worker survives the accident, they will need to focus on their medical treatment and rehabilitation. Second, and just as important, is figuring out a way to deal with all of the unexpected medical expenses. In the long run this second issue can actually become the most troubling result of a workplace accident, especially if the worker is fortunate enough to make a full recovery from physical injuries.


When a person is seriously injured in an accident, life changes dramatically not just for the victim, but for his or her entire family. For victims whose families depend on their income, an accident can lead to worries about how they will survive if they are unable to work. When the victim is a child, parents may have to quit their jobs to take on the specialized care that seriously injured accident victims need.

These problems can be magnified for traumatic brain injury sufferers. Brain injuries can range from mild to severe, and it's sometimes hard to accurately place the injury on that spectrum. Memory problems, for example, may not be immediately apparent. It's also nearly impossible to tell how quickly a TBI patient will recover, and to what extent. These great unknowns can quickly add to existing financial worries over affording the medical care itself.

A Gilroy, California, teen and his family know the struggles associated with brain injuries all too well. The boy, who turned 17 this week, suffered a TBI when he fell off his skateboard last summer. Half a year later, the family is still learning to cope. Now in a wheelchair, the teen is trying his hardest to overcome severe memory loss and regain the ability to walk. Meanwhile, his parents have become completely focused on caring for him and helping him to recover.


There are few more difficult situations for accident victims and their families than a hit-and-run crash. Not knowing who harmed you or a loved one can be excruciating, especially when it comes to paying for the resulting medical bills -- or, in the case of death, the funeral and associated costs.

Two San Jose, California, parents have endured this agony for the past 16 months, ever since their teenage daughter was critically injured by a hit-and-run driver. A traumatic brain injury has left her in a coma since the accident and although she's shown some slight improvement, her parents describe her recovery as a waiting game.

The accident happened in January 2011 as the girl, then 15, and her boyfriend were walking home from a party one night. As they were crossing a street a black SUV hit her and left the scene without stopping. Police have vigorously investigated, but they admit they have little to go on beyond a grainy surveillance video from a nearby store.


A recent California Supreme Court ruling changes the amount of money that a car accident victim can claim from a lawsuit. In the past, car accident victims could sue the wrongdoer and be awarded a settlement for the total cost of the treatment and medical expenses.

The holding came out of a case that was initially filed in Southern California. A woman was hit by a meat truck and sustained severe injuries to her spine. As a result, she had to undergo expensive surgery and get treatment for her recovery. An appeals court awarded her the full amount for the hospital bills after she filed a lawsuit against the owner of the meat truck. But the dispute was whether she should be awarded the full amount or the amount that her insurance company paid.

In this woman's case, her insurer had made a deal with the hospital, paying less than a third of the actual cost of the surgery and treatment. But after the appeals court ruled that she should be awarded the full amount and not the discounted amount, the meat company appealed.


When you suffer a brain injury, there are the more immediate health conditions that arise. Physically, you may have a fractured skull or internal bleeding that will take some time to heal. Mentally, you may suffer from temporary memory loss, or in more extreme cases may experience personality changes. Financially you are faced with growing medical bills as you continue to need therapy and treatment.

But a new study is showing an additional issue that could arise after suffering a traumatic brain injury. Researchers believe that victims of a traumatic brain injury have an increased risk of suffering a stroke in the years immediately following the injury.

Those in the field studying brain injuries caution that this new data does not necessarily mean that brain injury victims will likely suffer a stroke or that there is a correlation between the two. The study simply shows that brain injury victims are at a greater risk of stoke than those who have not suffered a brain injury.

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