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Many motorcycle riders in California like to pay attention to both their appearance and their pocketbook. However, when buying a helmet, riders should never choose price or fashion over form and quality.

Not every helmet that is available for purchase will do a good job of protecting a motorcycle rider in the event of a serious accident. Many establishments sell so-called "novelty helmets" that come in a variety of interesting styles and are sold at a lower price. However, most of these helmets do not meet the safety standards set by the federal government.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a study of several models of non-certified helmets and found that they offer almost no protection at all. Each model left a rider with a 100 percent chance of sustaining brain injury or skull fracture in a motorcycle accident. In the wake of the study, the NHTSA said that wearing a novelty helmet is essentially the same as wearing nothing at all.


Imagine being involved in what seems like a minor car accident. Just as the other vehicle hits, your head hits the side window or another part of the car. Experiencing no other injuries or immediate side effects, you dismiss the ensuing headache as a harmless bump. But did you suffer a brain injury? How would you know for certain?

The latest research on traumatic brain injuries suggests they're much more common than previously thought. As experts learn more about the long-term effects of head trauma, they're also discovering a broader range of TBI among all age groups. Mayo Clinic researchers have developed a new, more comprehensive system for classifying brain injuries and concluded that the incidence of TBI is probably greater than estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Mayo Traumatic Brain Injury Classification System classifies brain injuries using a much more comprehensive scale. Using categories including "definite," "probable" and "possible," the new classification method allows researchers to categorize symptoms from dizziness and nausea to a loss of consciousness. Using the data from this system, one of the study's authors, the director of brain rehabilitation research at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, said it's likely that many traumatic brain injuries have gone undiagnosed.


California boasts a beautiful coast with scenery that people come to see from all over the nation. The beautiful weather gives many, such as motorcycle enthusiasts, reasons to spend time outside. For motorcyclists, the road can provide a time of relaxation as well as serve as a means to travel from place to place.

But being on the road with other, larger vehicles can sometimes result in motorcycle accidents. In some instances, the other vehicles are not paying attention and are not aware of motorcycles in the lane next to them. But if a crash occurs, those on a motorcycle can suffer serious injuries. One California woman suffered severe head trauma after the motorcycle she was riding on was struck by a passing vehicle.

The accident occurred this past weekend when the woman, along with a man, was traveling down the road on a motorcycle. Two people were traveling in a car that hit the motorcycle. Details of the crash were not provided in the article, but the woman on the motorcycle sustained serious injuries and was airlifted to a nearby medical center. The man who was driving the motorcycle suffered a minor injury; the two people in the car were not hurt.


Suffering a brain injury can have a number of different consequences as we've seen in different blog posts. While there is no single way that a person can sustain a brain injury, one of the more common ways that a brain injury occurs is after head trauma occurs.

This could be the result of a slip-and-fall, a car crash, or even a construction site accident. Regardless, a brain injury can be life-altering and significantly impact a person's future. But should legislators in California be taking steps to enforce laws to reduce the risk of a head injury?

A Senator from San Francisco introduced a piece of legislation that would require skiers and snowboarders under the age of 18 to wear helmets while on the slopes. If they are caught without a helmet their parents will be charged a fine.

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