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When someone is seriously injured or killed within a close-knit community, the victim or his or her loved ones are usually showered with condolences and offers to help in any way possible. A sympathetic community response can help people who have suffered a tragedy to recover more quickly. But when a car accident or similar incident is caused by another member of that community, the process of moving on from the accident can quickly become emotionally and financially complicated.

Many people think of personal injury or wrongful death suits as a battle between strangers. Not knowing the person who caused injury or death to a loved one makes it easier to press for financial compensation in a resulting civil lawsuit. The prospect of filing a lawsuit against a member of one's own community, then, is usually a difficult one. But the discomfort both parties feel doesn't cancel out the need for financial recovery on the part of victims or their families.

Consider the car accident that happened on a recent Sunday in the parking lot of a Daly City church. A 6-year-old girl was walking through the parking lot with her mother when they and another woman were struck by a minivan. All three pedestrians became trapped under the vehicle, requiring at least six people to rush over and lift it off the victims with the help of a car jack. The girl later died at a nearby hospital.


The death of a close family member is hard for anyone to overcome. But when a hit-and-run crash is involved, those emotions seem to remain raw for a much longer time.

The family of a San Jose, California, woman who was run over by an SUV after an argument with her date is still struggling with her death, in part because she left two young sons behind. Considering the nature of her death and the need for someone to support her children, the family may consider filing a civil wrongful death lawsuit against the man accused of killing her.

It was late March when the 28-year-old mother met a man for a date in nearby Sunnyvale. After arranging to meet the man at a liquor store, a friend dropped her off there, according to police. While on the date, she and the 25-year-old man she was with got into an argument. According to a witness, the woman was pushed out of the SUV the two were riding and fell onto the road. The witness said he saw the driver put the vehicle in reverse, causing him to crash into a group of garbage and recycling bins on the road before he accelerated forward again and drove over the woman before taking off. She was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.


An accident can happen when you least expect it. It can happen in a matter of seconds, leaving those involved seriously injured or even killed.

A motorcyclist on the road can sustain serious injuries if the victim of a motorcycle accident. Riders and their passengers can be thrown from the bike upon impact, sometimes landing dozens of feet away. In some of these cases, drivers of vehicles aren't paying attention and do not see the motorcycle before it's too late. This may have been the case when a Jeep slammed into a motorcycle.

According to California Highway Patrol, a woman had been driving in her Jeep. She looked down at her dashboard for a brief moment. But in that moment, her vehicle began to drift across the middle line into oncoming traffic. When she realized what was happening, she tried to swerve but overcorrected, and then swerved back.


Law enforcement officials in Los Angeles are still investigating a fatal car accident that occurred earlier this week. The crash involved three vehicles and resulted in the closure of several lanes of the major highway. California residents may have hit some bad traffic around that time.

Police investigators are still not sure what happened. From what they do know, it appears that the driver of a Toyota, along with his female passenger, was traveling down the road. A semi truck and a pickup truck were also going in the same direction as the Toyota. The Toyota driver lost control of the car and slid into the semi truck.

This caused a chain reaction: the semi truck hit the pickup truck. Both drivers of the trucks were unharmed in the accident. However both the Toyota driver and his passenger were seriously injured and did not survive.


One of the things that California teenagers look forward to is the day that they can get their driver's license. Turning sixteen is typically marked with the rite of passage which gives teenagers a little more freedom to go where they please. But like many teens in other states, California teenagers are given a restricted license when they turn sixteen.

These types of restricted licenses are intended to reduce the number of car accidents that teens can get into. New drivers are statistically more at risk of getting into an accident; younger drivers also increase the risk. But new research is raising some questions about these graduated driver licensing programs and the effectiveness that they are intended to have.

The GDL program in California boasts some of the strictest restrictions when compared to other states. Hopeful drivers must pass a driving test and then adhere to rules that ban them from driving at certain times at night and prohibits them from driving around friends without an adult in the car. After a certain period of time, the driver can get a full license barring any issues.


When the weather is nice, as it often is in California during the summer months, there are more motorcyclists on the road enjoying a ride. Generally when there are more vehicles out on the road, the chances of a motorcycle accident occurring can increase.

When a motorcycle crash happens, it impacts not only the individuals involved but others as well. This is especially true when an accident is fatal. The family of the victim is affected for the rest of their lives, having lost a loved one unexpectedly. This past weekend, a motorcycle crash took the life of a Sacramento man.

California Highway Patrol is still investigating the accident. However it is known that the man had been on his motorcycle in the evening. A car was driving down the road in the opposite direction and made a left turn, crossing the other lane of traffic. The car's driver did not see the motorcycle coming and turned right into his path. The collision caused the man to be ejected from his motorcycle. Responders found the man in the street; he did not survive.


Tragedy struck a California family yesterday when their SUV flipped over on the highway and a little girl was killed. California Highway Patrol is still trying to piece together the events that led up to the car accident and what happened after the car turned over.

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. In this particular crash, the survivors of the crash - the father, mother, and three children - all suffered a number of injuries. However even more devastating was the loss of their fourth child.

From what CHP knows at this point, the father had been chasing a pickup truck that was carrying a motorcycle he claimed had been stolen from him. Police are still unsure whether the chase was intentional or whether the father had happened to see the pickup truck going by and decided to try to catch it.


According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, last year saw the largest number of motorcyclists on the road than any year prior. This year is likely no different. Even in California there seem to be a lot of motorcyclists on the road enjoying the weather and the freedom from riding.

But unfortunately, with the growing number of motorcycle enthusiasts taking to the road, the California Highway Patrol is seeing an increase in the number of motorcycle accidents. In fact, just recently several motorcycle crashes occurred in a short amount of time that resulted in two deaths and one rider seriously injured.

One motorcyclist was killed after he lost control of his bike and ended up on the side of the road. Another biker died from crash-related injuries after his motorcycle slammed into a post. In that same period of time, a third motorcyclist was severely injured after crashing his motorcycle while on a ride with his wife. But even with the risk of getting into a serious accident, the number of motorcyclists is actually growing across the country.


For a parent, there are likely few things more devastating than the loss of a child. One family is currently dealing with the death of their son, a 10-year old. He had been in a car accident along with his twin brother and his older brother. Both brothers were injured in the crash.

California Highway Patrol is still investigating the accident. The young boy's 16-year-old brother had been driving the vehicle. Under California law, the older brother should not have been driving with passengers in the vehicle unless he had been with a guardian, driving them to school, or had no other option. CHP is still not certain whether any exceptions existed.

The crash occurred in the early afternoon. The car transporting the boys had been about to turn into a state inmate camp where their father works. The car had to cross oncoming traffic but when the vehicle turned, it was hit by a pickup truck. The truck hit the side of the car where the little boy was sitting.


When on the road, drivers should be aware of the vehicles around them. Especially when it comes to motorcycles, being attentive can help prevent a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, there are instances where an inattentive driver causes a crash, resulting in serious injury to the motorcyclist who happened to be in the lane next to them.

An inattentive driver may have been what caused the crash that took the life of a local police chief. The police chief and his wife had been on a motorcycle ride last Friday evening. A vehicle traveling in the lane next to them suddenly veered into their lane and collided with them.

The car had been speeding down the road and the impact was so great that the police chief died at the scene of the accident. His wife was injured but appears to be recovering and is doing well, given the circumstances. But she and the rest of her family, along with the community, are mourning the loss of a man known for his kindness and willingness to help others.


When vacationers think of California, they often picture sunny beaches and amusement parks. There are so many across the state for children and parents alike to enjoy. But amusement parks can be dangerous with a number of rides that are intended to thrill the rider. However there are a number of more tame rides, such as the Ferris wheel.

But if there is an amusement park accident, is the park owner or operator liable for any injuries or death? Does it depend on the circumstances of the accident? And can the victim or family of the victim seek compensation for their injuries or loss? Unfortunately, one little girl's family is faced with those very questions.

Last Friday, a fatal accident occurred at an amusement park when a young girl fell from a Ferris wheel to her death. She had been at the park with a group of her classmates and teachers for a school outing. So far investigators know that she had been sitting on the ride by herself but are still not sure what caused her to fall.


A funeral procession for a local police officer was the scene of another fatal accident. A motorcycle officer who was traveling with the procession was killed when his motorcycle collided with another officer's motorcycle. The motorcycle accident occurred last week.

Though a man who witnessed the crash believed that the motorcycles were traveling too fast, the local police sergeant told reporters that motorcycle officers undergo extensive training for this type of job. In fact, before the event the officers meet to ensure utmost safety when riding with the procession.

The crash occurred when the two motorcycle officers crashed. The impact forced one officer into traffic and straight into a car driving toward him, killing him. The other officer suffered a broken bone; the driver of the car was not hurt. California Highway Patrol is still investigating the crash to determine exactly how it happened.


Even a simple slip-and-fall can result in serious injuries. This type of incident can happen in a number of different situations such as slipping on a wet floor or tripping over an item negligently left in a shopping aisle. When the incident occurs on someone else's property, an injured person may have a premises liability claim against the property managers.

Sometimes these types of accidents can be fatal. Just recently, the family of a college student filed a lawsuit against the state of California, the California Department of Transportation, and two Trusts that own land near Yosemite National Park. The lawsuit claims that the defendants failed to keep public property safe.

The fatal accident occurred over a year ago when a young man and some friends were on a road trip to Yosemite. On the way, they decided to stop and explore a bit, finding a culvert tunnel. But when the young man emerged from the tunnel, he slipped on a wet rock and fell 50 feet into rocky terrain to his death.


Baseball season had arrived. The season opener game between the Dodgers and the Giants had concluded and fans were heading home with the incident occurred. A Giants fan was attacked by two men and beaten severely. He suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result and was immediately hospitalized.

Since the attack six weeks ago, the man is still in critical condition and has not regained consciousness. His family is hopeful that he will wake up soon. Hospital officials are uncertain as to how his recovery will go; his loved ones have noted that he is responding to certain stimuli. But brain injury victims have a tough road to recovery.

The man is being moved to a medical center closer to his home and ultimately will be moved to a rehabilitation center. But thus far, hospital officials are just trying to make sure that he remains in a stable condition during the first move.


As the summer months approach, the number of motorcycles that are out on the roads will likely increase. But there are few things more frightening for a rider than getting into a motorcycle accident. These can occur when other drivers on the road are not aware of the motorcyclist in the lane next to them.

The Long Beach Police Department believes that this could be what happened when a man was killed after being struck by a pickup truck while on his motorcycle. The crash occurred in the evening earlier this week. The motorcyclist was approaching an intersection when a pickup truck turned in front of him. It is unclear, but the driver of the pickup truck may not have seen the motorcyclist.

When the two vehicles collided, the motorcyclist was thrown from his bike. He was about 15 feet from the accident scene when responders arrived. Motorcycles are by nature much smaller than the other vehicles on the road; a collision can cause serious damage to both the motorcycle itself and its rider.


There are a number of different ways that a car accident can occur. But despite the initial cause of the crash, accidents can be devastating for the people involved, physically and emotionally. Accidents are especially frustrating for accident victims and their families if it was caused by the negligence of another.

A San Jose man was involved in a crash yesterday morning and was killed when another vehicle struck his pickup truck. The pickup truck was experiencing mechanical problems so the man had pulled to the side of the highway. He had apparently been in front of the truck when another car slammed into the truck.

California Highway Patrol reported that the collision caused the truck to hit the man, throwing him about 75 feet from the accident. Though it is unclear what sort of injuries the man initially sustained, they were severe and he died at the scene of the crash.

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