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On April 7, a San Jose man was killed in a car accident that may have been caused by a drunk driver. According to authorities, the man was driving in the northbound lanes of Highway 101 in a Ford Taurus when a 2011 Nissan pickup rear-ended him. The pickup then reportedly left the scene of the crime by taking the Great America Parkway exit. The collision left the Taurus stalled on the highway.

Following the initial accident, the driver of a 2008 Ford pickup came across the stalled vehicle; however, he was unable to avoid striking the Taurus. The impact of the collision caused the Taurus to travel across multiple lanes of the freeway before striking a wall. The vehicle then caught fire. The vehicle was reportedly fully engulfed in flames when the rescue authorities arrived at the scene, killing the 37-year-old driver.

The vehicle that reportedly caused the accident was recovered at a nearby IHOP by local authorities. It has sustained major damage to its front end and tires. Once the local authorities contacted the State Police, the vehicle was ultimately linked to the hit-and-run accident. The driver was taken into police custody where he was charged with manslaughter and DUI.


Authorities reported that a Dec. 14 accident in Alhambra involved three vehicles and a large group of pedestrians, resulting in 11 individuals hospitalized with injuries. One of the injured individuals required treatment in the intensive care unit, reportedly.

According to the Alhambra Police Department, the accident occurred near Fremont Avenue and Poplar Boulevard. Allegedly, a 28-year-old Los Angeles man driving a truck north crossed into the southbound lane of the roadway and crashed into two parked vehicles, both of which were occupied. The momentum of the moving truck carried the vehicles onto the sidewalk and struck a group of pedestrians who were reportedly admiring Christmas lights in the residential neighborhood. The driver of the truck was detained on suspicion of drunk driving and booked into custody. The investigation is ongoing, officials said.

Besides a full and completed investigation, this particular case must be adjudicated officially and in the appropriate arena to know for sure the true story behind this incident. Yet, it does evoke the horrific and seemingly interminable consequences that oftentimes accompany drunk-driving wrecks. When a drunk driver does in fact injure others, especially defenseless pedestrians, during the course of an accident, both the driver and the victim may face a future filled with consequences stemming from the incident. Whereas the driver may face criminal penalties, like fines and jail time, the victim may suffer lingering physical ailments, chronic pain and financial ruin on account of accident-related injuries.


The California Highway Patrol reported that one man was killed and another suffered multiple injuries as a result of a head-on crash that occurred on Oct. 24. The crash reportedly occurred around 10:05 p.m. on Highway 44 around Millville Plains Road.

Authorities believe that alcohol was a factor when a 35-year-old Palo Cedro man who was driving a 2002 Ford pickup truck west on the highway crossed the center line. After crossing it, he allegedly struck a 68-year-old Shingletown man's 2011 eastbound Subaru Impreza head-on.

The Subaru driver was declared dead at the scene of the accident. The truck driver was transported by emergency personnel to Mercy Medical Center for treatment of major injuries. The man suffered multiple fractures in the accident. While he was at the hospital, staff allegedly determined that he was under the influence. He was taken into police custody at the hospital, and his case referred to the Shasta County District Attorney's Office for criminal charges.


Authorities report that a two-vehicle accident in La Jolla around 9:30 a.m. on Aug. 21 left two adults and two children injured. Firefighters had to cut one man out of his vehicle before an ambulance could transport him to Scripps La Jolla for medical treatment. The other driver and her two children were also taken to local hospitals, where they were treated for minor injuries.

According to local police, the car accident occurred when the 44-year-old male driver lost control of his vehicle at a curve in the road and struck the female SUV driver. A witness said she observed the man running two red lights just prior to the accident. At the time of the report, police continued to investigate the crash. They believed that the man may have been driving while under the influence.

When a person is injured as a result of a car accident involving a suspected drunk driver, the injured party may face a long recovery and hefty expenses. A personal injury attorney may be able to assist an injured person by bringing a claim against the liable driver. The claim may seek compensation for brain injury, other serious injuries, pain and suffering and medical expenses.


According to San Jose police, a Mercedes traveling at high speeds caused a fiery crash during the evening hours of August 17. The crash involving eight cars left 10 individuals injured. Police arrested the male driver of the Mercedes on charges of driving drunk at the time of the accident.

The chain reaction collision occurred around 9:28 p.m. near Capitol Expressway on Ocala Avenue when a speeding eastbound Mercedes ran through the intersection's red light, broadsided a car and then smashed into several other cars as it rolled over a number of times, police said. The Mercedes driver then fled the scene after the car came to rest in the roadway's westbound lane, leaving three occupants trapped inside the burning vehicle. Police, along with rescue crews, extinguished the fire and rescued the three individuals from the car.

According to the report, a medical helicopter and seven ambulances responded to the scene and transported six of the injured individuals to local hospitals for treatment of unknown injuries. They also took the three Mercedes passengers to a hospital, where they were treated for major injuries.


Traffic accidents caused by drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol are some of the most difficult for victims and their families to handle, particularly because they are so preventable. Some might say that they're not accidents at all, considering that the at-fault driver made a choice to drive intoxicated.

Drunk driving is the suspected cause of a fatal car accident on central California's Route 152 this week. According to the California Highway Patrol, a San Jose man was traveling the wrong way on 152 in his SUV when it collided head-on with a pickup truck in the eastbound fast lane of the highway. The crash was severe enough to kill two people. One of those was the passenger in the front seat of the pickup truck, a 30-year-old woman. She was pronounced dead at the scene, but another passenger in the back seat of the truck, also female, was flown to a Modesto hospital before succumbing to her injuries.

Yet another passenger in the pickup truck, a 23-year-old woman, suffered serious injuries and was also flown to a hospital. Both the truck and SUV drivers were hurt less severely.


Although car accidents are just about a daily occurrence in San Jose and throughout the nation, most collisions fortunately do not result in serious injuries. The most common accidents could be labeled as the classic "fender-bender," which may lead to a police report and an exchange of insurance information, but not much else. Unfortunately, however, drunk driver accidents are also common, and the major difference with these types of crashes is that accidents victims more often than not do suffer from serious injuries, and in many cases these accidents involve a fatality.

That was the case in a recent San Jose car accident, in which an alleged drunk driver is said to have been the cause of a crash that led to the death of a 19-year-old man. The victim, a San Jose resident, was said to have been driving a Volkswagen on Highway 85 on January 30 when he was struck from behind by Nissan being driven by a 27-year-old man.

The reports indicate that both vehicles flipped over and were heavily damaged in the crash. The 19-year-old was removed from his vehicle and transported for medical care, but he died at the hospital. The 27-year-old driver also required medical attention, but it appears that his injuries were not that serious. He was arrested and could be facing felony driving while intoxicated charges.


Almost everyone knows the dangers involved with drunk driving. Drunk driver accidents cause thousands of people throughout the country to suffer serious injuries every year, and many also lead to fatalities. When these types of collision do occur, the accident victims are left trying to pick up the pieces of a broken life, while the drunk driver often has to deal with criminal and civil penalties. Every state has the same legal limit for a driver's blood alcohol content level: .08.

However, a recent report detailed the findings of a study that came to the conclusion that there actually is no safe level of alcohol for a driver to have in their system when they operate a motor vehicle. The findings may be shocking in light of the fact that it really doesn't take much alcohol consumption for someone to begin registering a BAC level on a Breathalyzer test. It appears that so-called "buzzed" driving may actually be just as dangerous as driving with a BAC over the legal limit.

Further, the researchers decried the fact that the legal limit is set at .08, stating that there is no evidence that the .08 threshold is the point at which a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle becomes seriously impaired. Someone may be equally impaired at a BAC level of .07.

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