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commercial trucks, big rigs, San Jose truck crash lawyerThere is an epidemic going on in the United States that to this day remains a serious problem. Everyday, on average 11 accidents involving commercial trucks result in fatalities. Additionally, over 100,000 people are injured in the same type of accidents per year. If you apply the same numbers to a different industry, it would be like a commuter jet crashing every week. With the potential for these accidents being so high, the need for legal counsel is also rising. What should you expect from truck accidents with regards to legal action?

Reasons for Concern 

Commercial trucks are seen on almost every road and every highway, and, every day, truck driving schools have a new graduating class full of fresh, newly-trained drivers that will be on the road shortly. Commercial trucks are responsible for transporting a large portion the goods that we purchase, from gas and oil all the way to moving homes. These vehicles have deadlines and agendas that they have to follow, as well as regulations that mandate everything they do. In most cases, they are highly-trained and skilled professionals, but accidents are not planned and can happen to anyone. There are number of factors that contribute to these accidents being so much more devastating and potentially dangerous, including:


Imagine being with three friends, driving down the road early in the morning. Even though the sun is still coming up, the four of you are enjoying the ride. As you come to an intersection, you glance around while still a ways a way to determine whether there is a stop sign. Not seeing one, you continue to drive.

As you reach the intersection, a semi truck flies out on the road in front of you, failing to stop at the stop sign. You have no time to react, only a few moments to realize what is about to happen. Before you know it, you are the victim of a serious car accident.

In these types of situations, the injuries that result can be severe. A semi truck is a large vehicle, and even traveling at slow speeds can cause a lot of damage.

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