California is the home of Internet giant Google, and for anyone who hasn't heard by now, the company has a new cutting-edge product: Google Glass. The device is basically a wearable computer, with an image displayed in front of a person's eye as they wear the device like a set of eyeglasses. The device definitely sounds futuristic and fascinating, but there's trouble brewing.

According to a recent report, Google finds itself on the defensive in a number of states, as efforts are undertaken to make wearing the device while driving illegal. The main concern appears to be the perception that the device would be too much of a distraction for drivers, resulting in more car accidents that could cause serious injuries or even fatalities.

Because the device is so new, it can be hard to judge at this time whether or not the concerns are legitimate. Of course, in this day and age there are seemingly countless distractions for drivers, from more computer-oriented radios to the ever-present cell phone. Because of this, distracted drivers are now considered to be just as much of a concern on America's roadways as drunk drivers are.


By now many of our San Jose readers have probably heard about the horrific accident that occurred on January 17 involving a teenage girl and a light-rail train. The teenage girl, a 14-year-old who was riding her bike on that morning, was struck by the train. She was left with serious injuries and died later that day. It appears that the girl may have been riding her bike to school when she was struck, as the accident occurred at about 7:30 a.m. that morning.

Any accident that involves a pedestrian or a cyclist is almost always assured to include a catastrophic or serious injury. This is because these collisions often involve a larger vehicle, like a truck or car, and a pedestrian or cyclist has next to no protection in such a crash.

There were few immediate details available about how this accident occurred. However, an investigation to be conducted by the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department was announced shortly after the accident. The train was impounded and the operator was ordered to submit to a drug screen.


Most of our San Jose readers would probably expect a pedestrian who is struck by an automobile to suffer a catastrophic or serious injury. After all, a pedestrian has next to nothing in the way of protection should this type of collision occur. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened recently, when a 2010 Toyota struck a 17-year-old boy near Highway 101.

According to the reports, the accident occurred at about 7:00 a.m. on January 9. The boy was reportedly crossing the road near an onramp to Highway 101 when he was struck by the Toyota, which was being driven by a 21-year-old man from Santa Clara. The 17-year-old boy was said to have suffered serious injuries, and he was quickly transported to a San Jose medical center for treatment.

There were no indications in the initial reports as to how this pedestrian accident occurred. Because it was early in the morning the relative darkness at the time could have played a role, or the weather conditions could have contributed. There was also some speculation that the 17-year-old boy may not have been precisely within the lines of a nearby crosswalk. But, although not conclusively ruled out, it appears that alcohol or drug use was not a contributing factor. The 21-year-old driver of the Toyota remained and the scene after the accident and it appears that he was cooperative with the authorities who began the accident investigation.


Even though it's January and winter weather has been sweeping across the country in recent days, San Jose residents still like to get out and jog to get their exercise in. For some, it's all part of a New Year's resolution to get healthy. For others, it is simply part of the daily routine. But, for all joggers, there is probably very little concern that they won't make it back home to continue on with their day. Unfortunately for one jogger down the coast in Santa Ynez, that concern became a reality.

According to the reports, the jogger, a 45-year-old man, was struck by a 2005 minivan being driven by an 89-year-old woman. The collision occurred on December 27 in the early morning hours, at approximately 6:30 a.m. It appears that the man suffered serious injuries that prompted the emergency responders who came to the scene to request a helicopter ambulance for transportation. However, apparently it soon became clear to the responders that the man was not going to live, so they called off the helicopter. The man was transported to a hospital, but he died shortly after the accident.

The initial reports did not indicate whether or not the 89-year-old driver suffered any injuries in the collision. An investigation by the California Highway Patrol began immediately, but it will probably be some time before a conclusion as to what caused the accident can be reached. Alcohol or drug use seems to have been ruled out as a contributing factor.


Many of our San Jose readers are probably getting used to seeing the new so-called "green energy" cars traveling local roadways. Since the early models of hybrid and electric cars were introduced for public purchase several years ago there has been a surge in the number of available options when it comes to buying an eco-friendly automobile. There is no doubt that many of these vehicles save their owners money that would otherwise be put toward gasoline - even if the savings may be offset by the initial purchase prices of the vehicle. There is also little doubt that the technology in these cars is advancing, slowly but surely, allowing the eco-friendly technology to be used in a wider variety of car models. Unfortunately, all of these "green" technology savings may come with a sacrifice - the protection offered by a larger and heavier vehicle.

The Toyota Prius was one of the first green technology car models to become widely popular. But it is a small car, and the size of one Prius may have been a factor in the serious injuries the driver and passengers in one of these vehicles suffered in a recent collision.

According to a recent report, an apparent head-on collision occurred on Silver Creek Valley Road between a Toyota Prius and a truck on November 21. And, as may be expected, the driver of the truck did not suffer any major injuries, while the driver and two other adults in the Prius required immediate medical attention with each of them suffering what could be classified as a catastrophic or serious injury. It was reported that the driver of the Prius actually had to be assisted out of the vehicle by firefighters on the scene.

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