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If you have arrived at this Web page after suffering the loss of a family member due to an electrocution accident in northern California, please know that the Law Office of John J. Garvey, III, extends sincere sympathy. As your fellow human being and Californian, attorney John Garvey, III, regrets the painful news of the death of your loved one.

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When a family has lost a loved one, they need more than sympathy, however. If your husband, wife, son, daughter, mother or father was killed as a result of an electrocution accident, we encourage you to talk to an attorney sooner rather than later.

Tree trimming and contact with power lines are a common cause of electrocutions in northern California. If your next of kin died while trimming trees, it is especially important to begin the investigation as soon as possible — before a property owner or the power company has had the opportunity to alter the evidence by cutting branches or re-stringing power lines. Photographs, observations and other types of documentation may help strengthen your claim for compensation from any negligent or liable parties. Were the trees and the power line closer together than the law allows? Was a ladder malfunction a factor?

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Mr. Garvey counsels and represents surviving family members of electrocution accidents — as well as electric shock victims who survived contact with power lines and other sources of electricity. If you survived an electrical accident, you may suffer from a burn injury, neuropathology, lack of muscular control, memory loss or depression. Allow us to explain how an experienced San Jose electrocution accidents attorney at our law firm can help you recover compensation for your injuries, or for the loss of your family member.

Contact the Law Office of John J. Garvey, III, in San Jose to schedule a free initial consultation regarding an electrocution or a non-fatal electrical accident.

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