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You May Be Entitled to Compensation After Being the Victim of Hit and Run

 Posted on July 15,2019 in Car Accidents

San Jose hit and run accident lawyerBeing in any type of car accident can be a terrifying ordeal, but being involved in a hit and run may be the worst type of accident to be involved in. When a driver causes a car crash and then intentionally leaves the scene of the accident without providing contact information, the victim may incorrectly assume there is nothing they can do to get compensation for their damages. However, there are several things hit and run victims can do to maximize their chances of getting reimbursement for their injuries and property damage.

Always Call the Police Immediately After a Hit and Run

It can be infuriating to be the victim of a hit and run accident. Understandably, some people feel tempted to chase after the person who hit them and sped away from the accident scene. However, doing this can make your situation much worse than it already is. You could cause another accident or exacerbate your injuries by attempting to catch the person who caused the crash. You could also face criminal charges if you break traffic laws in your pursuit of the other driver. Instead, call the police immediately after being involved in a hit and run. A police report chronicling the details of the accident is almost always needed to pursue a civil claim for a hit and run. Furthermore, a police report will likely make your auto claims process faster.

Collect Evidence and Speak with Witnesses

If you are not too injured to do so, make sure to gather as much information as you can about the circumstances of the accident. Take pictures or make note of the make, model, and color of car that hit you. Also speak with any witnesses to the accident and write down their contact information. These witnesses may be a valuable asset when it comes time to proving your claim.

Do Not Delay Medical Treatment

Even if you believe your injuries do not require immediate medical attention, you should always go to the hospital or to your doctor following a serious auto accident. You may be in shock following the accident and not able to feel the full extent of your injuries. Getting reimbursement for medical bills and lost wages due to missed work is much easier when you have ample documentation of your injuries from medical professionals.

Contact a San Jose, California Hit and Run Lawyer

If you have suffered injury due to the reckless of another, you deserve compensation. Speak with a Santa Clara County personal injury attorney to discuss your case by calling 408-293-7777. The Law Office of John J. Garvey, III offers free, no-obligation initial consultations.



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