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Spinal cord injuries caused by car accidents

 Posted on March 30,2015 in Car Accidents

Any California driver who becomes involved in a car crash is at risk for suffering a severe back or spinal cord injury. These types of injuries, which are often permanent, can result in the loss of movement or sensation in the arms and legs. If the injury is severe enough, the injured person may even lose the ability to control their bodily functions.

It is estimated that 250,000 to 500,000 people worldwide suffer a spinal cord injury every year. Men are at least twice as likely than women to suffer a spinal cord injury; while men mostly risk injury when they are between ages 20 to 29 and 70 or older, women are most at risk during the ages 15 to 19 and when they are 60 years and older.

Someone who has suffered a serious spinal cord injury is more likely to die prematurely than someone who did not suffer an injury. This is likely because there are a number of secondary conditions associated with spinal cord injuries, including osteoporosis, respiratory complications and deep vein thrombosis. Further, mental illness, such as depression, is not uncommon, as many who suffer injuries are less likely to participate in school or be employed.

The costs of a spinal cord injury are numerous. In addition to incurring the costs of treatment, rehabilitation and potentially daily care, the injured person may be unable to earn a living. If someone suffered a spinal cord injury in a serious car accident, a personal injury attorney may help them file a lawsuit against the alleged driver who caused the crash that resulted in the injury. Additionally, they may assist with gathering the evidence that demonstrates the total cost of damages, including the loss of income and the cost of medical treatment.

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