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Some days are more dangerous than others for drivers

 Posted on May 18,2015 in Car Accidents

As most California drivers know, some days are better than others for driving. In general, many of these days are associated with national holidays or other days where it can be expected that there will be more drivers on the road. However, some of the days may be more unexpected than others.

National holidays are always going to be more dangerous for drivers than other days. For example, on Memorial Day weekend, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that there are approximately 400 driving fatalities every year. New Year's Day, St. Patrick's Day and July 4th also sees a number of fatalities. For these three holidays, alcohol consumption appears to be a leading factor in any car accidents that occur. Thanksgiving and Christmas are also dangerous due to the number of drivers on the road. Many drivers during these two holidays also often drive while stressed, which potentially leads to more aggressive driving.

Other days where driving can be more dangerous may be more unexpected. For example, the start of daylight saving time, when many drivers lose sleep, the number of collisions rises. Collisions also rise on Black Friday and NFL game days. This may be due to the number of vehicles on the road or to aggressive driving. Finally, the number of car accidents appears to rise on Friday the 13th, though it is not known why.

When a person becomes involved in a car crash, they are always at risk for suffering serious injuries, no matter how minor the collision may have seemed. If the injured person was denied compensation from the liable driver's insurance company, a personal injury attorney may assist with filing a lawsuit against the insurance company or assist with seeking compensation from the injured person's insurance company.

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