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Preventable injuries in car accidents

 Posted on January 13,2015 in Car Accidents

Car accidents often result in serious injuries that can bring lasting pain, complications and even death to California residents. Understanding the major types of car accident injuries and how to prevent them can be one way to help ensure that an accident results in as little harm as possible.

Brain, head, neck and spine injuries are common in car accidents, and they are also the most problematic. Severe whiplash can result in injuries to the neck, spine, inner ears and brain that can have serious health consequences. Damage to the spine and vertebrae can easily cause pain, permanent paralysis or loss of function. Many such injuries require months or years of treatment before being fully resolved. Traumatic brain injury may result in permanent brain damage and loss of memory or function. Airbags and seat belts are the best tools currently for preventing such injuries. While airbags themselves can cause some injury, the possible injuries are much less severe than those they can help prevent.

Injuries to the lower body, such as the leg, foot and knee, are the next leading most common car accident injuries. These injuries tend to be less severe than others, but can still be serious and require extensive medical treatment. One way to prevent such injuries is to keep the legs together and not sit or lay in the car at awkward angles.

When a car accident does result in serious injury, the injured person has the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver who caused the accident. A personal injury attorney can help the client assess and prove damages based on the injuries that were sustained as a result.

Source: Cars Direct, "Most Common Preventable Injuries that Happen in a Car Crash," Jan. 27, 2012

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