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Doing Your Part to Help Prevent Senior Citizen Car Accident Injuries

 Posted on August 08,2016 in Car Accidents

San Jose personal injury attorneyAll drivers must re-evaluate their driving abilities and skills as they age. Mental acuity and physical strength change and decline as we grow older, putting us and others we share the road with at greater risk for car accidents and injuries. Re-assessing our abilities on a continual basis over periods of time is key to knowing where we stand behind the wheel.

Tips for Prevention

It is important to constantly be alert to any physical and mental changes that may affect our ability to operate a vehicle, and more importantly, to recognize which skills we need to work on to improve our driving as we adjust to those changes. Whether you are aging yourself or you have a loved one who is growing older, here are some ways you can help prevent an accident on the roadways:

  • Keep your vision in check - Be sure to stay up to date on your vision tests by visiting with your vision specialist regularly. The California DMV does not require you to see a vision specialist if you have an existing vision condition as long as it is stable, they have a record of it, and you are able to pass the required vision test for operating a vehicle;
  • Speak with your doctor about occupational therapy - Basic motor function, reflexes, and overall physical coordination are all crucial when it comes to our ability to safely operate a vehicle. Occupational therapists are specifically trained to help aid the transitions the body naturally undergoes as it progresses through the various stages of life. By working with an occupational therapist, you can learn the skills necessary to keep your body in good physical and mental health, improving your chances of driving longer--and safer--as you age; and
  • When in doubt, consider transportation alternatives - Just because you are aging does not mean you have to give up your driving independence. However, if you notice significant changes in your driving abilities that you believe will affect your skills on the road, it is helpful and wise to consider transportation alternatives. These may include local buses and mass transit, even if you only utilize them during certain times of the day, such as rush hour or evenings, when visibility is poor.

Aging drivers can maintain their autonomy by practicing caution, self-care, and by staying educated about changes in their health. If you do find yourself involved in a collision at any time, contact an experienced Santa Clara County personal injury attorney to protect your rights. Call the Law Office of John J. Garvey, III at 408-293-7777 for a free consultation.



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