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Jenner's attorneys seek to dismiss the case

 Posted on June 03,2015 in Wrongful Death

On May 28, it was reported that Bruce Jenner, who was involved in a car accident that killed a woman in California in February, asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit that was filed against him. The lawsuit was filed against Jenner in early May by the deceased woman's stepchildren.

In February, Jenner reportedly collided with a Lexus, which resulted in the vehicle being pushed into oncoming traffic. The Lexus slammed into a Humvee, killing the 69-year-old female driver of the Lexus. Five individuals who were in the Humvee suffered injuries that were considered to be non-life-threatening. Jenner was reportedly uninjured in the crash. The plaintiffs claimed in their lawsuit that they suffered enormous damages and that Jenner was driving negligently when the accident occurred.

Jenner's legal team stated that the two plaintiffs, ages 57 and 60, were financially independent and that Jenner should not be responsible for any damages they may have sustained. No charges were filed against Jenner and it did not appear that he was under the influence when he collided with the Lexus.

Fatal car accidents not only result in the loss of a loved one but can also cause the surviving family members to sustain a number of damages that could range from financial to emotional. Survivors are often responsible for the deceased person's funeral costs and medical bills, and in some cases face the loss of financial support that the decedent otherwise would have been able to provide. In situations where the accident can be demonstrated to have been caused by the negligence of another driver, it may be worthwhile to discuss with an attorney the possibility of filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party.

Source: ABC News, "Bruce Jenner Fires Back at Wrongful Death Lawsuit", Michael Rothman, May 28, 2015

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