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California woman dies in crash on Highway 101

 Posted on February 19,2015 in Car Accidents

The woman driver of a blue Honda SUV who died in an accident with a pickup truck on Feb. 6 was not immediately identified at the time of the accident. The California Highway Patrol reported that the fatal crash took place on Highway 101 near Gilroy.

It was south of Masten Avenue where a white pickup truck left the road and went on to the shoulder. The driver swerved in an attempt to get back on the road and T-boned a Honda SUV in the left lane. Both vehicles flipped over and finally stopped on the center highway divider, according to the CHP report.

Although the woman died, the driver of the truck survived. He went to an area hospital for the treatment of minor injuries. He did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but the CHP continues to look into the cause of the accident.

Rollover crashes are often associated with highway speeds and driver errors. In a fatal crash, the victim's family may be confronted by unexpected costs, like medical bills and funeral expenses. If a family's breadwinner dies, then lost income becomes an immediate issue as well.

If someone's act of negligence behind the wheel caused the death, a survivor might choose to consult with an attorney about a wrongful death lawsuit. An attorney can discuss with the person the types of compensation he or she might have a right to ask for in a lawsuit. The evidence can also be discussed, and the attorney can assess potential for recovering damages in that case.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, "Gilroy: One killed, one injured in Highway 101 crash," Katie Nelson, Feb. 6, 2015

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