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California on-ramp closed after fatal wreck

 Posted on February 23,2015 in Car Accidents

A Feb. 17 accident left one dead and one seriously injured in Chollas View. The 2 a.m. incident occurred as a 32-year-old man lost control after he attempted to travel from I-805 onto Route 94. The dark Nissan truck flipped after slamming into the guardrail on the outer edge of the ramp.

After the truck overturned, a Toyota Matrix driven by a 37-year-old individual collided with it. This individual reportedly experienced major injuries as a result of the collision. The truck's driver, meanwhile, expired at the scene of the serious car accident. Authorities indicate that there is no suspicion of drugs or alcohol causing this car wreck. The accident resulted in a shutdown of the on-ramp for several hours.

Authorities typically conduct an investigation after a major accident to identify potential causes. In some cases, impaired driving or excessive speed can contribute to a crash. In other cases, exhaustion or health problems may contribute to a driver's error or inability to maneuver safely. It is even possible that an obstacle in a road or a manufacturer's defect in a vehicle can have deadly results as an accident occurs.

As an investigation is completed, an injured party who suffers damages because of another driver might choose to file a personal injury case. If a crash has resulted from a vehicle defect, such action might be aimed at the vehicle manufacturer. Personal injury litigation may address both punitive and non-punitive damages resulting from the errors of the offending party.

After suffering injuries because of a car accident, an individual may be focused primarily on recovering. Legal support may be helpful as insurance adjusters attempt to settle a case. Additionally, a lawyer may be able to coordinate a personal injury case by obtaining accident records and other relevant information related to the incident.

Source: FOX 5 San Diego, "Fatal crash closes freeway on-ramps," Brodie Hart, Feb. 17, 2015

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