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Bus and Public Transit Accidents: Passengers are Not the Only Ones at Risk

 Posted on November 06,2017 in Personal Injury

san jose personal injury attorneyWhether it be by a yellow school bus, the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority (VTA), an intrastate bus line connecting various cities throughout California, or an interstate bus line that transports people from one state to the next, public transit buses are a valuable and affordable transportation option for all. Unfortunately, they can also be exceedingly dangerous when an accident occurs, and the dangers are not limited to passengers only. When it comes to bus accidents, anyone in the vicinity, including pedestrians, bicyclists, other drivers, motorcyclists could be at risk—children and adults alike.

Buses on American Roadways Experience Thousands of Accidents per Year

Although buses are thought to experience fewer accidents than the collective of individual drivers each year, a 2010 study from the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute shows that these accidents occur far more often than most realize—and many are catastrophic. According to the study’s findings analysis, approximately 63,000 accidents involving buses occur each and every year. Furthermore, a comparative study from the Journal of Safety Research found that, while bus accidents account for an overall small share of the traffic accidents in America each year, their accident per million passenger miles is comparable to those of individual automobile drivers.

Passengers Are Actually Safer Than Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Other Drivers

In the accidents analyzed by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute, about 14,000 per year result in bodily injury to at least one person and about 325 per year will cause at least one death. Yet, according to that same study, only about 50 bus passengers (driver included) are killed each year. This suggests that it is those around the bus—pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, other drivers—that are at the greatest risk for injury or fatality during a bus accident. Furthermore, because of the size of buses, these fellow road users are far more likely to suffer from serious injuries than if they were in a typical motor vehicle accident.

Injured in a Bus Accident? Seek Skilled and Experienced Legal Assistance

Public transit vehicles and larger transportation vehicles are held to a higher safety standard than other vehicles on the road. However, the law remains extremely complex for those who are injured or suffer a wrongful death in an accident caused by one of these vehicles. Furthermore, insurance companies may try to intimidate victims in an attempt to lessen or completely absolve them from paying out a fair settlement when one is due. As such, all victims should seek assistance from a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney.

At our law firm, we understand the severe impact that a bus accident can have on your life. While we recognize that no amount of compensation could ever return to you that which was taken, we know that a fair settlement can go a long way in helping you recover the financial losses related to the accident. Aggressive and assertive, we advocate for your rights and the rights of your loved ones to assist you in achieving the most favorable outcome possible. Schedule your free initial consultation with a compassionate San Jose personal injury attorney to learn more. Call us at 408-293-7777 today.



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