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8 Types of Driver Negligence That Can Cause Motorcycle Accidents

 Posted on January 23,2024 in Motorcycle Accidents

San Jose Motorcycle Crash LawyerMotorcycle accidents can be devastating for riders, and they often result in catastrophic injuries or even death. While motorcyclists can take precautions to protect their safety on the road, even the most cautious cyclist is at risk of suffering injuries due to the negligence of other drivers. Motorcyclists who have been injured in collisions with other vehicles can work with an attorney to recover compensation that will address the damages they have suffered. An experienced lawyer can help identify the forms of negligence that may have led to a motorcycle accident, which may include:

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving continues to be a major problem on our roads today. When drivers are not fully focused on operating their vehicles, they put themselves and others at risk. Using cell phones, texting, eating or drinking, talking with passengers, adjusting music controls, or other distractions will divert a driver’s attention from the road and increase the likelihood of an accident involving a motorcycle.

Failing to Yield the Right-of-Way

Motorcycles have the same rights as any other vehicles on the road. However, some car and truck drivers fail to recognize this fact, and they may not yield properly when necessary. This can result in collisions in which motorcycles are struck by larger vehicles because drivers did not give them enough space or time to negotiate traffic safely.

Negligent Lane Changes

Lane changes require careful observation and signaling by drivers. When motorists fail to properly check their blind spots before changing lanes or fail to use their turn signals effectively when merging, they may collide with a motorcyclist who was already occupying that space.


The dangers associated with speeding cannot be understated. Traveling at an excessive speed reduces a driver’s reaction time and increases stopping distance significantly. Speeding motorists are less likely to be able to react and stop in time when a motorcycle suddenly appears in their path. The force of impact in a high-speed collision can cause catastrophic injuries or even fatalities for motorcyclists.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications will significantly impair a driver's ability to safely operate their vehicle. Impaired drivers have slower reaction times, reduced judgment, impaired vision, and limitations to their decision-making skills. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to accidents caused by drunk or drugged drivers due to their smaller size and lack of protection.

Failure to Signal When Turning

Turn signals are an essential part of driving safety. They communicate intentions between drivers on the road. When a driver fails to use turn signals before turning or changing lanes, it leaves other motorists - including motorcyclists - unaware of their intentions. This lack of communication often results in accidents in which motorcycles collide with vehicles that unexpectedly turn into their path.


Fatigued driving is equally as dangerous as distracted or impaired driving. When drivers are fatigued, they have slower reaction times, and they may fall asleep at the wheel momentarily. Fatigue-related accidents involving motorcycles can result from these momentary lapses, which may cause a driver to fail to see a motorcycle or respond correctly to avoid a collision.

Poor Weather Conditions

Driving conditions can become worse during inclement weather such as rainstorms or strong winds. These conditions can make roads more treacherous for motorcycle riders. Poor visibility and slippery surfaces increase the risk of accidents, and if other drivers fail to adjust their driving behavior based on the weather, they may lose control and collide with motorcycles.

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