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Every San Jose resident can be considered a pedestrian at some point in time. The simple task of walking through a grocery store parking lot makes a person a pedestrian. People on foot are highly vulnerable to serious injury or even death if hit by cars, trucks or other motor vehicles.

In and around San Jose, the risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident appears to be all too real. A quick scan of local online news stories provides details of some tragic accidents including the following:

  • Four teenagers were injured and two adults killed by a drunk driver in San Mateo County according to a San Jose Mercury News report. The blood alcohol content of the at-fault driver was recorded at 0.23 percent one hour after the accident happened.
  • A couple was walking their dog when they were struck by a vehicle. The driver then crossed over a center divider and struck an oncoming car with the four teenagers inside. The drunk driver has since been convicted on multiple charges including second degree murder and will be sentenced in June of this year.
  • Paradise Post noted that a driver hit another vehicle on White Road in San Jose and then drove onto a sidewalk, hitting two food vendors and killing one of them. The driver was in jail on a bail worth $150,000.
  • The same article provided details on the death of one pedestrian near Fair Oaks Avenue and Wolfe Road in Sunnyvale. A second pedestrian was also involved and listed in critical condition at a nearby hospital.
  • The Almaden Expressway was the site of a fatal hit-and-run collision that left a pedestrian dead at the scene according to KRON4. According to the report, the driver has not been located.

Stories like these should make all area residents stop and reassess their surroundings the next time they are on foot.

Statistics Corroborate the News Stories Realities

According to records provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 92 vehicular fatalities in Santa Clara County in 2013. Pedestrians accounted for 32 of those.

Other counties in the Bay Area also recorded high numbers of pedestrian deaths. Fatalities involving pedestrians numbered 18 in San Francisco County, 24 in Alameda County and another 10 in San Mateo County. Throughout California, a total of 701 pedestrians lost their lives in traffic accidents that year.

What Can Be Done?

When a pedestrian accident happens despite all efforts of the pedestrians involved, help is needed. Victims or surviving loved ones should always be prepared to seek help from an attorney during these situations. Contact our San Jose personal injury attorney John J Garvey, III for assistance today.

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