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The effects of alcohol impact people’s ability to safely drive, which may cause auto accidents that result in serious injuries or death for others.

Despite knowledge of the dangers, people in San Jose, and throughout California, frequently get behind the wheel after drinking. This commonly leads to auto accidents, which may result in serious injuries or death for the drunk drivers themselves, as well as other drivers, passengers and bystanders. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc., drunk driving accidents cause close to 13,000 deaths each year, and hundreds of thousands of injuries.

How does alcohol affect the body?

Once alcohol enters the bloodstream, it can have a range of effects on the human body. There are numerous factors which may enhance or impact these effects including a persons size and weight, the type of alcohol he or she has consumed, and how much he or she has had to drink. People may begin to experience the effects of alcohol after drinking only a small amount.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drinking alcoholic beverages may cause impaired self-control, reasoning and judgment, as well as slowed thought processes. People may also experience reduced muscle control and coordination, and slowed reaction time. For some, alcohol consumption may impact their ability to detect danger and cause decreased alertness. Additionally, people may experience lethargy, unconsciousness and blackouts as a result of consuming alcohol.

How do the effects of alcohol impact drivers?

The effects that alcohol consumption has on the body can significantly impair a persons ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Some of the most common effects of alcohol consumption on drivers include the following:

  • Decreased ability to track moving targets, such as other vehicles
  • Reduced ability to multi-task and focus on the task of driving
  • Difficulty steering, controlling speed, braking appropriately and maintaining proper lane position
  • Diminished response to emergency situations while driving
  • Perception impairments
  • Decreased information processing

Often, people underestimate the effects that alcohol consumption may have on their bodies, and the impact those effects could have on their ability to drive safely. As a result of these misjudgments, people often feel that they are safe to drive, or that they are actually better drivers after having a couple of drinks. This type of negligent behavior often leads to alcohol-related collisions, which have potentially serious consequences for others.

Which drivers are most at risk?

Anyone who gets behind the wheel after consuming alcohol is potentially at risk for getting into an accident. For some groups, however, the danger may be increased. According to the CDC, drivers between the ages of 21 and 24-years-old were involved in one out of every three fatal drunk driving accidents in 2013. Furthermore, motorcyclists also tend to have an increased risk of being involved in fatal alcohol-related crashes, particularly those between the ages of 40 and 44-years-old.

Working with an attorney

When people in California, and elsewhere, suffer injuries in motor vehicle accidents, they often require medical treatment and care. As a result, they may incur medical expenses and lose income while they are off of work recovering. In cases when a negligent drunk driver causes a collision, he or she may be held financially liable for the resulting damages. Therefore, those who have experienced situations such as this may consider consulting with an attorney. A legal representative may help them understand their options for pursuing compensation.

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