Drunk Driver Pose Serious Risk in California

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The effects of alcohol impact people’s ability to safely drive, which may cause auto accidents that result in serious injuries or death for others.

Despite knowledge of the dangers, people in San Jose, and throughout California, frequently get behind the wheel after drinking. This commonly leads to auto accidents, which may result in serious injuries or death for the drunk drivers themselves, as well as other drivers, passengers and bystanders. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc., drunk driving accidents cause close to 13,000 deaths each year, and hundreds of thousands of injuries.

Drunk Driving Accidents Still Happening Frequently in California

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Police aggressively targeting drunk drivers in the hopes of reducing serious accidents in California. Many law enforcement agencies across California conduct sobriety checkpoints nearly every single weekend of the summer. They find some of the most dangerous areas for drunk drivers, and increase their presence in these locations. They are hoping that motorists will think twice before deciding to drink and drive.

While these efforts have led to more individuals being charged with DUI, there are still a large number of people being injured or killed in drunk driving accidents within the state. The busy July 4th weekend has always been a very dangerous time for motorists; in 2013, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports that 56 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents, some involving impaired drivers.

Fatal Truck Accident Highlights Distraction Among Truck Drivers

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Distracted Truck Driving Accident Kills Two

Truck drivers spend long periods of time in their vehicles, especially interstate drivers, and sometimes they tend to use the cab of their truck as an extended office or home away from home. This means that they often engage in behaviors additional to driving, which can lead to tragic events in Santa Clara County and other parts of the state.

Earlier this year, a commercial driver caused a deadly truck accident outside of Davis on Interstate 80 after choking on food, according to KCRA. Two people died and two others were injured when the driver lost consciousness, sending his semi across the lanes, through the center divider and into an opposite lane of traffic. The truck hit two vehicles and then collided head-on with a third vehicle, killing the occupants.

Failing to Follow Right-of-Way Rules Causes Injury and Death in California

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Sometimes the simplest traffic violations cause serious injury or death to innocent people on or around California roads. Each year the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CADMV) publishes the California Driver Handbook (CDH) to help encourage driver safety through education of the states traffic laws. One set of basic rules the CDH addresses concerns respecting the right-of-way of others. When right-of-way offenses occur, whether to other motorists or pedestrians at intersections or in crosswalks, these can contribute to motor vehicle accidents.

First Rain of the Season Causes Slick and Dangerous Roads

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According to the popular childhood rhyme, April showers bring May flowers. For California residents, rainfall is all but foreign in spring months, and usually arrives in late fall. Most drivers see no danger of driving in rainy conditions, seeing only the need for working wiper blades and functioning headlights.

Public Safety Message

The California Highway Patrol seeks to spread a much more important message regarding driving in rainy weather: People need to slow down and be extra cautious when it rains, as reported by the Times Herald Online, Santa Clara County. This urgent call for safety followed when a car crash on Californias Highway 17 injured four people and required assistance from Santa Clara County Fire Departments, ambulance, police and local hospitals. According to the California Highway Patrol, the motor vehicle accident occurred after Santa Clara County experienced its first consistent rainfall of the season, making the road particularly slick as accumulated road oils were brought to the surface, but had not yet washed off the asphalt. Highway 17 is curvy and steep.

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